For Parents, Caregivers and Friends of Children
on the Spectrum

Do you want to improve your communication and connection with your child?

Do you know your communication can and should be better?

Are you ready to connect and engage more, but don’t know how?

In this complimentary PDF guide, Dr. Alisha Griffith, Speech Language Pathologist and Audiologist, shares 5 tools to boost communication with your child on the spectrum.

5 Tools to Ignite Your Au-Mazing Communication

Complimentary PDF Guide

Meet Dr. Alisha Griffith
Motivational Speaker, Author, Change Catalyst
Dr. Alisha is a motivator and change agent. She has twenty years of experience of helping individuals overcome difficulties. Through her personal and professional experiences she has learned critical lessons which has helped many.  In her passionate way she is able to help her clients become more CONFIDENT, SHIFT energy, SPARK your inner FIRE, and take action to be your AU-thentic YOU.  As a result, her clients will feel more ACCOMPLISHED and FULFILLED in life!